Students benefiting from Aaghaz Foundation come from the poorest of poor families. Yet socio-economic conditions of beneficiaries isn’t the only parameter that we take into consideration before giving them scholarships. Equally important, if not more, is the aptitude of the students and their propensity to defy the odds. Here we share some unique case studies of Aaghaz Foundation sponsored students who met this grade

English Medium students generally come from well-to-do families. This bright class XI student from one of Lucknow’s most prestigious institution -- La Martiniere Boys – was no exception. But when his parents divorced, the whole equation changed

The boy and his mother were left to fend for themselves. The result: Mounting household debts and months of unpaid school fees. The boy’s name was about to be stuck off the rolls when his case was brought to the Foundation’s notice. In fact, the Foundation had just one day’s notice to deposit his fees which amounted to Rs 6,000. Without wasting a day’s time, two aaghaz foundation members met the school’s principal Mr Elton D Souza and asked for a few days of leeway. The request was granted. But grudgingly. The boy’s case was discussed at the following meeting and within few minutes the sum of Rs 6000 was raised. His fees was promptly deposited into his school account and the boy could continue with his studies

When a young Indian Air Force employee died of cancer many years ago, he left behind a wailing wife and two small children aged two years and six months. The Rs 2000 pm allowance which the woman got from the Air Force was not enough. So she took up chikankari (tailoring) and got the kids admitted to Christ Church College in Lucknow’s Hazratganj area.

The boys did exceptionally well in school, but they could barely manage to pay their fees on time. Their plight moved two Muslim lady teachers at the school. Whenever the kids were short of funds, they would pitch in from their own pockets.

In 2005, the elder boy cleared an engineering entrance exam which enabled him to seek admission to the Integral University on Sitapur road.

Obviously, he had no money. One of the teachers raised Rs 15,000 but the admission fee was Rs 50,000 – an amount that was way too high for her..

The boy’s case was forwarded to us by the lady teacher when there were just a few days left to deposit his fees.

At that time, we had just around Rs 14,000 in its bank account but they were for the other students it was sponsoring. Yet we took up the daunting task of helping the boy and, thanks to Allah, managed to raise the remaining Rs 35,000 required for his admission from its members and patrons.. The boy faced the same dilemma in the second academic year. Aaghaz spread the word and again, out of nowhere, a Good Samaritan stepped in and pitched in with Rs 35,000.

In the third year, the talented boy raised the funds on his own. Now working in the UAE, the young engineering student has pledged to repay the money so that it could be used to help other poor students.

Her father dumped her as soon as she was born. Her crime: She was a girl child and the father wanted a boy. Now being raised by her maternal grandparents who live in Lucknow’s Nishatganj locality, the little girl has been coming first in every academic session. But since her grandparents barely earn enough to make two ends meet, they were unable to pay her school fee. The girl’s name was about to be stuck off the school rolls when the Foundation stepped forward. Aaghaz has being paying her fees ever since.
His father drove an auto rickshaw on the streets of Lucknow so that his son could continue to go to school. The boy didn’t disappoint. He got selected in an engineering college in the first attempt. But in July 2006, he was on the verge of getting dropped out because of unpaid tuition fee amounting to Rs 24,700. Aaghaz stepped in and paid his outstanding fee. The boy is now a qualified engineer.
Aaghaz Foundation extended its reach beyond Uttar Pradesh when it helped a 13-year-old Muslim child from Patna, who was left orphaned after his father (ex principal at Imarat Technical Institute Purnea) was killed during an armed robbery in Bihar in late 2009. Barely days after his father’s death, his mother was also killed in mysterious circumstances. Following the tragic turnaround of events, the child was on the verge of dropping out school. Aaghaz saved the budding career from being nipped in the bud by issuing a cheque of Rs 12,000 as tution fees for the entire year to St. Paul’s school, where he was studying in grade VI.
A tea-vendor’s son doing B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) student at Lucknow's Integral University was on the verge of dropping out when Aaghaz Foundation stepped in to raise approximately Rs 40,000 as his annual fees. The student’s aggregate score was around 70 per cent and it would have been unfortunate if we had dropped out. The student has pledged to to return the money in interest free instalments when he lands a job so that it cold be used to help other deserving students.
Frustrated by crippling financial conditions, a young Phd student Tabassum set herself on fire. She suffered serious burn injuries. The 25-year-old took this drastic step because her family was debt-ridden and there was no money to fund the treatment of her ailing father. Tabassum was the only earning member in the family, employed at Lucknow's Integral University as an assistant in the IT department. Aaghaz helped her by raising money for her treatment and employing her part time. She worked for Aaghaz from home. Aaghaz also paid the entire year's fee of her younger brother, a B. Com (First year) who had dropped out of college as her family could not afford his fee. Additionally, he was enrolled at Lucknow Guidance & Counselling Centre so that he could prepare for Banking/LIC/Railways examination. His coaching was made absolutely free.
Seven students of the Lucknow Guidance and Counselling Centre run by us cleared IBPS, a key banking exam and are now eligible to apply for banking jobs. The students are : Abdul Saad, Abu Azar, Abhishek Barnwal, Ammar Husain, Iram Fatima, Imran Ahmad and Mohd Monis
Remember Faisal?
It was not long ago when his father --- a low paid employee of Aligarh Muslim University approached Aaghaz seeking funds to help his son complete his education.
Faisal was pursuing Mechanical Engineering at that time and his father had no money to pay the high fees.
However, following Aaghaz Foundation's appeal several of you pitched in with funds to pay for most of his semesters and Faisal was able to realise his dream .
And now we have just heard that he been selected as Graduate Trainee Engineer (GTE) (Mechanical) in ABS Airtech (a joint venture of ABS Airtech, Japan) at Gurgaon (Haryana) In fact, December 15 was Faisal's first day at work. Of course, all this couldn't have been possible by Allah's grace and your unflinching support.
Faisal's father has also written to us, thanking Aaghaz and all those who pitched in for the cause.
Faisal joins the ranks of several Muslim youngsters who are gainfully occupied after completing their education through Aaghaz.
Once again a big thank you to all of you there.


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