Before you continue to apply for financial assistance, please read the eligibility criterion below and agree to our terms and conditions

1.Financial assistance is provided to only those applicants who come from challenging backgrounds. The applicant will have to provide evidence of their family income.

2. Priority is given to orphans, girls, differently-abled children or those with chronic/ rare diseases.

3. We do not support applicants aspiring for higher studies abroad.

4. Candidates pursuing Phd are not eligible for financial assistance.

5. Aaghaz conducts physical and in-person verification of applicant’s personal, financial and academic status. Applicants not agreeing to this requirement are not eligible.

6. Financial assistance is offered for one academic year. Approved candidates who applied in the  middle of the year or close to end of academic year will be provided assistance only for the remainder of the academic term.

7. Graduate or post graduate students pursuing or joining government institutions will be preferred over students joining or attending private institutions.

8.You may have to sign a moral bond, pledging to return the aid given to you when your situation improves so that the funds could be used to support other underprivileged children.

9.You may have to record a video of yourself  which could be shared among Aaghaz members or used on our social media platforms