We harness the power of our donors and empower our students by bringing them together through our scholarship programs.

Our donors come from wide area of background and specialisations. Some of our donors may want to encourage students to pursue education in certain areas such as arts or science while other donors may want to help meritorious students with financial needs while other may want to run memorial scholarships in the honor of their loved ones. Aaghaz work with our donors to launch scholarships per their preferences. We do all the heavy lifting of inviting applications, their verification and awarding of scholarships.

We have split our scholarship program in two categories as outlined below

General Scholarships

General scholarships are purpose specific and target unique student groups. Donors could chose to offer scholarships to students who want to pursue undergraduate courses in the field of advance sciences, humanities, social work, journalism, sustainability, environment etc. Donors may also chose to launch scholarship for children of army veterans with financial difficulties, children of families affected by a natural calamity, differently abled children etc.

Memorial Scholarships

Memorial Scholarships are a great way to honour and keep alive the memory of someone special who has left the world. You can start a memorial scholarship with a minimum contribution of Rs 25,000 per year. Beneficiaries are handed the scholarship and a certificate bearing the name of the person in whose memory the scholarship has been constituted.