Aaghaz Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 by journalist Mazhar Farooqui and his friends in Lucknow with just Rs 2000 and one needy student.

The primary aim was to ensure that the crucial years of childhood of young boys and girls from underprivileged communities was not lost wandering around streets, but in fact improved by empowering each of them to their best capabilities. With that aim, Aaghaz joined hands with a vast number of individuals who now work tirelessly to improve lives through education.

Every year millions of Indian students are forced to discontinue their education because of financial constraints.

Aaghaz prevents some of these careers from being nipped in the bud by paying their fees directly into their institutions. From a small germ of an idea, Aaghaz has now grown into a massive movement that has helped over 16,000 underprivileged children through its Scholarship Programmes and other educational initiatives. Yet Aaghaz remains more of an enabling than an implementing agency. Everybody works here voluntarily and, as one of our guiding principle, not paid anything in return. Aaghaz Foundation is based in Lucknow, in north India and is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.