Volunteering can be very a fulfilling endeavor. It is an opportunity to contribute towards society. However, not everyone can handle the challenges that come with being a volunteer – they are expected to take time off from their busy lives and spend it towards a cause; sacrifice not only their time but also their money; and often, may not get recognition or remuneration for their work.

Below are the common characteristics of an Aaghaz Field Volunteer.

  • Driven and motivated by a passion
  • Can always find time from their busy schedule
  • Can allocate at least 15 to 20 hours per month
  • Are very reliable – Aaghaz trusts and depends on its volunteers
  • Always completes the tasks allocated to them
  • Excellent communicators – they give regular updates and always respond to any queries
  • Are problem solvers -they avoid conflicts and unnecessary arguments and find solutions proactively
  • They respect everyone around them
  • They encourage others to join the cause by their humble attitude, hard work and dedication

If you think you have the above attributes and want to become part of Aaghaz, then please continue to read.

Aaghaz Field Volunteers perform two crucial roles as explained below –

Applicant Field Audit

Aaghaz receives hundreds of applications for its financial aid and memorial scholarship programs. While every applicant who is unable to attend school or college due to financial constraint is eligible for our assistance programs, we can only afford to support a few. Only those candidates with high academic performance and from desperately poor financial backgrounds are selected. Our Field Volunteers vet the applicants by conducting field audits and making recommendations factoring in the applicant’s financial situation and academic performance.

Beneficiary Mentoring

Aaghaz Field Volunteers also perform another key role of managing the registered beneficiaries. Volunteers stay in regular contact with the assigned beneficiaries and with their academic institutions to ensure that the beneficiary is attending school regularly and maintaining good academic performance. Aaghaz will assign beneficiaries to Field Volunteers for long term beneficiary performance management. A Field Volunteer could have many beneficiaries allocated to them. Such allocations will be made after getting Field Volunteer’s approval.

Click on the button below to register for Field Volunteering with us. One of Aaghaz existing Volunteers will contact you for a physical or online meeting and for collecting identification, address and employment related documents for verification.