Aaghaz is a volunteer-driven organisation. Our volunteers identify students in need of financial assistance and work with the core team in bringing them onboard to our student aid programs.

As an Aaghaz field volunteer, you will also help us process the applications of students who reach out to us for help. You will assisting in case verifications, school admissions, fee negotiations, follow up on fees payments and  staying on top of your assigned beneficiaries, ensuring satisfactory school attendance and academic performances.

If you are someone who is committed and willing to give your time to help underprivileged students, then Aaghaz is just the place for you.

Read below to understand the main roles of the Field Volunteer

The process entails the following step

  • Arranging meetings with the applicant and his or her family.
  • Visit applicant’s home and perform a comprehensive review of their financial condition and academic performance
  • Check out the school closest to the applicant’s home and review their admission policy, academic start/end dates, admission registration cost, tuition fees, payment schedule, school bank details, online fee payment details, etc.
  •  Make necessary recommendations factoring in the applicant’s financial situation and academic performance.

The Field Volunteer will manage assigned beneficiaries once they are approved for financial assistance, Beneficiary management includes

  •  Monitoring performance by ensuring exam results are posted on Aaghaz Foundation Management System (AFMS)
  •  Visit beneficiary school to ensure regular attendance and other related information
  •  Monitor fees and other payments to the school/ beneficiary on AFMS system.
  •  Act as a bridge between beneficiary and Aaghaz with regards to new application approvals, payment schedules, terms and conditions and agreements between Aaghaz and the beneficiary
  •  Monitor changes to beneficiaries’ personal and financial conditions and provide recommendations.

Field volunteers will play a key role in enrolling students from poor background to Aaghaz student aid programs.

Their job entails-

  • Identifying children coming from poor families who are struggling to pay their fees
  • Facilitate registration of such students via online application on the Aaghaz website. Assist families/students who are  unable to fill the online application form
  • Verify and complete online audit forms for each applicant they are trying to bring on-board.
  • Assign a volunteer to monitor progress of beneficiaries who are approved

The Field Volunteer may have to assist with other Aaghaz activities such as organising events, award and recognition ceremonies and other activities.