Many of our donors choose to support Aaghaz by offering scholarships. They can chose to launch a memorial scholarship (in the memory of loved ones or to honor someone) or a general scholarship (for specific purpose, cause or population type).

At Aaghaz we have a large database of underprivileged students across India. Based on the amount (minimum Rs 25,000 annually) you are willing to contribute, we will look up our database and identity a student within that fund range which could benefit through the scholarship. An event can be organized where you personally handover the scholarship and a certificate to the beneficiary which will bear the name of the person (in whose memory the scholarship has been constituted) or the name of specific purpose scholarship.

Academic reports of the student will be mailed to you from time to time in order for you to track their progress, encouraging an emotional connect between you and the student.

If you are interested to launch either a special purpose or a memorial scholarship to honor and keep alive a memory of a loved one, then please write to us at with the following:

  • Name and photograph of person in whose memory the scholarship has to be set up.
  • Amount you are willing to contribute annually.
  • Tentative date when you want to start the scholarship.
  • Contact number


Below is a list of Memorial Scholarships we are managing for our Donors